Warlock: The Beholder

Warlocks patrons are often powerful beings, a great source of inspiration when you homebrew subclasses. Pick any powerful being and make them into a patron. In addition, Warlock’s usual template is simple. 1st level is a feature often offensive used to spread your patron’s influence, 6th level is a defensive reactive feature and 10th level is an aspect of the patron that the Warlock make theirs to protect themselves. And then the capstone, at 14th level, is a powerful feature that makes you go “woah”.  And so I picked one of the most iconic powerful being of D&D, the Beholder.

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Invade the Material Plane

4 thoughts on “Warlock: The Beholder

  1. Only thing that concerns me about it is the petrification ray effectively working only on a basis of two saves, which is much better when compared to the flesh to stone spell’s save system (one save failure, and after that either 3 failures or successes).

    Otherwise, it’s a nice execution of the patron. If my DM allowed it, I would definitely want to be a warlock of Mike Wazowski.

  2. Maybe I am missing something, but how is the Instant Paranoia feature different from the Ready action?

    1. You don’t have to specify any trigger, which means first that you are sure to use it, and second that it is flexible and can allow you to counter the enemy’s action. It’s a more general counterspell if you will.

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