Paladins of the Art

Today’s Homebrew is a Paladin Oath. Oath of the Arts, it’s a more civilization-focused Oath of the Ancients in principle. Defend beauty, love and the arts everywhere against tyranny and plunderers.

In one of WotC UA, they experimented with adding a 3rd level feature to the paladin. It was badly received, no doubt because the feature itself gave the Redemption paladin an AC of 16 + DEX. In this one, I give a feature that seems indispensable to me for an Oath paladins: some instrument proficiencies. In addition, I also added the cool ribbon of being able to use the instrument as focus. Doing that, I follow one of the core principles of homebrew design: give the tools a subclass need as soon as possible. However, I go against another one, that is in my opinion less important, respect faithfully the template.

Anyway, here it is!

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Invade the Material Plane

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