Barbarian : The Wrestler!

This time, I present to you the Wrestler subclass for the barbarian! Play Los Tiburon, at last.

A core concept of the subclass is the Move Counter. When designing the subclass, it became obvious I needed a list of special moves. We already have examples on how to list “moves” in the PHB, with the Battlemaster and Monks of the 4th element. However, I wanted all moves to be available as soon a possible, and to be of varying intensities. And I also would have liked, if possible, to avoid the meta issue of why a Battlemaster can only perform four maneuvers per short rest. An issue I know that is explained by the system’s abstraction, but to me, avoiding the problem is more elegant.
Hence, why I am using a charge counter that the player can manage, that is easy to track, and that is intuitive enough. It increases and decreases every time the player use a “special move”, which is limited to once per turn. And the more powerful moves of course cost more charges than the others. As the character’s level increase, getting the charge counter is made easier.


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