Paladins: Oath of the Planes

The cover image is by the talented Arvalis (Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 3.0), see their deviantart.

This week, yet another paladin. The material plane needs a force of elite warriors to protect them from the outsiders that threaten to encroach upon it, and ultimately overwhelmit. Enter the planeswatch, a group of paladin sworn to fight the invaders, here and beyond, even in the afterlife.

Once again, this paladin has a 3rd level feature in addition to its Channel Divinity. Its Divine Sense is appropriately altered in a more general feature that I could have called Planar sense, allowing you to detect nearby planar interference. Enjoy!

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P.S: When I saw there was no UA today, I realized a few hours ago that Monday 7th, despite having such a high number was not the second monday of the month. That is why once again I am late posting my article! However there shoud be one up tomorrow or Thursday. I shall begin a serie of articles on how to make antagonists.

Invade the Material Plane

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