Small break

As other things have creep on me unexpectedly this week, I do not have time to publish any articles. This send me back to the problem of keeping a regular schedule for a blog. Indeed, ideally I want to have my article almost ready before the day come, and same for my homebrew.

To be sure to guarantee that, it’s better that I sparse my content a bit, till my schedule becomes more clear, or till I can truly sponsor this endeavor of mine (for instance, with my Patreon, which would also allow me to write long homebrew documents such as compendiums, short books and so on).

I shall now publish one general article every two weeks, and one homebrew article every week. The homebrew article might be new content, explanations on the process that led me to revised a piece, or a more general article, such as the one published last week on art.

By the way, the lovely cover image of this article is by Deevad, and is published under CC BY 3.0.

Invade the Material Plane

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